Anúna Winter School (AWS) 2020 – Friday 14 - Sunday 16 February 2020

(optional extra day Thursday 13 February),    REGISTER


Pauluskerk - Rotterdam, Netherlands. 


  • Michael McGlynn -  Director, Anúna
  • Lucy Champion -  Education Co-ordinator, Anúna
  • Philip Barkhudarov -  Singer with Olga Vocal Ensemble, M'ANAM and Anúna
  • Sara Weeda -  Singer, Anúna, Systir, SeeD and Crashing Bats

Please be aware there will be no Anúna International Summer School in Dublin in 2020! 

Participants can choose between a three-day or four-day version of the Winter School:

  • the three day course is similar to the Winter School of 2019, following the explicit wish of many Dutch participants (especially those who are working) to do the workshop over an “extended weekend” (Fri-Sun). The cost is the same for 2019 – €270 for three days.
  • for the long distance travellers we introduce the four day course – (Thurs-Sun) which will involve workshops on additional songs from the Anúna repertoire for this group only – cost €360 for four days.
  • the three-day and four-day versions are open to all applicants.

Additional features to the Anúna Winter School:

  • the option to take one-to-one classes or classes in pairs/small groups with the some of the facilitators at an additional cost:
  • a reduced fee for participants aged 26 and under - €240 for the four day course and €180 for the three day course


Examples of the repertoire to be workshopped are here:    

Geantraí             Flower of Maherally           Incantations         Ríu Ríu                                 

For those who have not participated before in the Anúna International Summer Schools or the Winter School we require an audio audition of your singing. Please prepare and sing a song that shows your range and is suitable to your voice. No more than ONE MINUTE in duration. These will be requested as MP3 files after receiving your application. This is optional for previous participants but useful for us to receive, in order to follow your progress as singers.

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