1.    The inner voice

Every person has a voice. We mainly use it to speak, and sometimes to sing; it often happens in the shower, or when walking down the street (wearing headphones) listening to our favourite playlist. Although…, in those situations, it usually doesn’t sound too pretty…

In tune or not, when we sing we mainly do so because we’re feeling good, which means we care less what others think of us. But when asked “Can you sing?”, we often reply with “Yes, like a crow!”; or: “No, I can’t.” That’s why most people prefer to keep their mouths shut when it comes to singing.

Everyone knows that if you’re happy, the urge to sing is much greater. But the opposite is also true: singing makes people happier, as demonstrated by scientific research.

The good news is that almost anyone can sing. And that was the reason for the founding of Vox Interna: to make people happy, and to foster a sense of unity, by making people sing (again).


2.    Singing is healthy

Apart from making you happy, singing is also healthy, as it reduces psychological stress, creates social bonds, and lowers the chance of depression. Moreover, there are indications that regular singing lessons in schools help improve students’ school performances.

As stated: almost anyone can learn to sing, with only a few exceptions. The recipe is very simple, and consists of a double truth:

Singing is breathing – breathing is singing

Singing properly requires the right use of the body and an appropriate way of breathing. Actually, the natural way of standing, as we all did as a child: the head and neck correctly aligned, chest open, rib cage buoyant, enabling really effective use of the breath, as the eastern cultures have already practiced for thousands of years. By singing this way, the singer connects body and mind.


3.    A young organization

Vox Interna was founded in the Summer of 2018, by initiators of very different backgrounds: amateur singer, professional singer, music teacher, coach/counselor and a physician. The foundation started out as a spin-off from a vocal workshop in Rotterdam, that was facilitated by members of Irish vocal ensemble Anúna, in Rotterdam, April 2018. Seeing how much energy the participants got from this workshop, we were motivated to share more of these blissful moments with people haven’t experienced anything like it yet, or haven’t experienced it for a long time.


Initially, Vox Interna want to reach out to children, because as the twig is bent… Apart from that, children are naturally more open to new influence, and are easier to reach through schools. Unfortunately, music education has severely suffered from budget cuts in the past decades, including music education for teachers. Therefore, the foundation wants to focus on pedagogical Academies first. Vox Interna wants to launch its first project with teachers-in-training, funded by the Ministry of Education, by no later than 2019.

Infected with the enthusiasm and vision of the board, Trinity College recently invited Vox Interna to apply for EU funding for the youth education programme, in order to develop a new ‘singing crowd’.
The results of this application will be announced in the second quarter of 2019.

There are future plans to launch vocal projects for companies (organizational culture), institutions (youth institutions, detention, and others), and to build ‘bridges’ between different cultures within our society.


4.    Resources

Access to the right resources is essential for achieving the goals of Vox Interna. Apart from finances, developing a good network is important in the initial phase. That is why Vox Interna will organise annual vocal workshops in Rotterdam. Because the participants come from different areas of The Netherlands, some even from other countries, the foundation will be able to create a network of potential participants and people who are otherwise interested in the activities of Vox Interna.

For the time being, the vocal workshops will be taught by (singers from) Anúna, supported by local vocal coaches. This choice is related to the unique singing technique and method that Anúna has developed. This method entails: singing in the purest form (a capella), without sheet music, without a conductor, and with the main focus on the breath and posture. Apart from physical aspects like posture and creating a good sound, this method improves leadership and communication among the participants. This way of working fits the broader vision of the foundation perfectly.

Through these workshops, which will be at least cost-effective, the foundation aims to build a modest working capital necessary to further continue with the activities of Vox Interna.

5.    Finances

Given the fact that the organization was only recently founded, every budget still has a conceptual character.
For the time being, a minimum, cost-effective budget of EUR 15,000 up to the end of 2019 is assumed. However, this can change quickly when the first education subsidy is approved or when the EU program is approved.


Download our detailed vision document for further information.