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ANÚNA Winter School 2019 (February 15 - 17)


The Anúna Winter School 2019 will be facilitated by Lucy Champion (Anúna education coordinator), Sara Weeda (singer Anúna) and Janneke Spruijt (resident teacher, singer Collegium Vocale Gent). During Saturday and Sunday we will also enjoy the presence of the eight male singers of Anúna, united in the new ensemble M’anam. However, given the costs, this is subject to a sufficient number of participants. Together with the teachers these singers will also join us in the final concert on Sunday evening.


1. The Anúna Method

The Anúna method differs from traditional approaches on the essential aspects:

-     There is no conductor
-     The music is sung from memory

This sounds disturbing, and feels unusual for those who are not used to it. But the experience with the five Anúna Summer Schools (2014-2018) in Dublin was quite comforting. 45-50 singers from some 15 countries, varying from Japan and Australia, to Canada and Argentina, and many European countries proved that it is possible to get together in this way and end up with a quality concert, much appreciated by the audience.

For the unsuspecting outsider, this raises the question: ‘Without a conductor and sheet music, how does one manage?’ The answer is quite simple: Breathing together (one singer starts to breathe, the rest follow) and listening to each other. 

This characterises the nature of the workshops using the Anúna method. Simply put: Not using sheet music, standing upright, upper body and ears open, and communicating with the other singers through the breath.

And thus one discovers that conductors and sheet music can be an obstacle to an optimal singing performance as a group.

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2. The workshop

During the workshop we will work with songs from Anúna's repertoire – the sheet music and YouTube links will be sent in advance to the participants. The workshop will be given to a combination of smaller groups and sessions with all participants. A coach – facilitator of 1:10 will be maintained.

We expect to manage 8-10 songs, assuming adequate preparation by the participants.

The workshop offers:

-     A main module of three days, starting at Friday, with an option for additional Thursday 14 February for long distance participants and Saturday 19 January for the ones who cannot participate on Thursdays.
-     Live recordings individual voices, for the more challenging pieces. Since this requires quite some effort to prepare from Anúna, this cannot be guaranteed for all songs and voices. It is expected that the introduction of this element will facilitate learning (from memory);

3. Requirements

Workshops participants are expected to have a level of experience of singing in choirs and should be able read sheet music or learn the songs by listening.

A one minute capella video audition might be required for new participants.

4. Location and time

The workshop will be given from 10:00h till 17:30h.

The workshop will take place in the Pauluskerk, Mauritsweg 20, 3012 JR Rotterdam, which is at less than 500 meters from the Central Station. 

The church will be at our disposal for the full workshop period (including the additional Thursday); the silence centre from Friday morning till Sunday morning

5. Admission

The fee for the three day workshop will be EUR 270,-. When the exact number of participants is known, further details will be provided. For the extra rehearsal day (facilitated by Sara and Janneke) an additional EUR 50,- will be requested.

For planning reasons we request to forward submissions no later than 24 December 2018.
Please use the submission form on this page to apply.